About Us

Frida Kahlo Academy

About spanish language academy

Spanish language academy “Frida Kahlo“ offers intensive weekly Spanish courses in Kaunas available for all levels.

Spanish academy quality guarantee. We stand by the quality of our classes and translation.

We stand out from others that our courses teachers are native speakers.

We will help you to learn to speak in lately trending Spanish language. Also you will learn many things about history of the Spain and Latin America, tradition other things.

  • Courses Duration – 40 a.hours.
  • Discounted Price – 79 euros.

As a part of our extra activities,we share information about exchange programs to Spanish countries in spain or Latin america.

Spanish language academy Frida Kahlo occasionally organize, suggest and invite to all our students to join different cultural events (usually free) regarding Spanish culture and language taking place in our community in Kaunas like Latino dances, Salsa, bachata, social dances, activities, films, conversation meetings with other Spanish natives, etc.

We know that high-quality teachers make all the difference in the classroom, for the same reason our courses is thought by Spanish native teachers!

To register to Frida Kahlo Spanish language courses you need to contact us by call us phone: 860048099 or by writting us email message: info@ispanukalbosakademija.lt

Our Priorities

Quality, Care, Results


Quality is most important aspect of our school. Spanish language academy courses program is made for students who want to learn new words, to remember rules and understand language more easy.


Every student is important – we care for our students. We always try push our students to the limits, to teach them what they possible can learn. We always try make every our student parcipicate in our discussions.


Our main goal is orientation to results. To do this well, it’s important to focus and avoid distractions while at the same time seeing the bigger picture what our students is capable off. After our courses our students will be able to understand and talk about Spanish culture, traditions. Academy students will be able to read news, understand Spanish movies and able to talk in street.